Vik has been entertaining the South Asian crowds since 2003. A true musician by nature, Vik has a unique ability to masterfully play drums, DJ and produce original music. Vik’s musical talents have allowed him to work with to produce and compose music for Bollywood artists.

As a self taught artist, Vik is loved, admired and respected by his peers in the music industry. His down to earth nature and his unique ability to play drums has given him the pleasure of traveling the United States to perform on stage with local as well as international artists. 

In 2019, along with his partner Raj, they have now joined the Rukus Avenue Radio family on Dash Radio. Every Friday at 12 noon PST, they host “The People’s Show.”

When Vik is not traveling to perform whether as a DJ or a drummer, he is usually found entertaining local private events or in his studio producing tracks and remixing to create a better sound for his events.